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Pre-Business expenses: Registration and incorporation fees

We’re back with the final entry in our four-week series on pre-business startup expenses. If you missed the first three blogs, make sure you check them out to learn about pre-business expenses on Meals and Travel and Tools and Supplies.

In this blog we’ll address how to prepare for registration and incorporation fees when you are starting a business in Canada. 

You’re probably thinking “the great thing about owning a business is all those write-offs”, right? Not so fast!  Its important to remember that there are limits to what can be deducted, and you must always have the correct proof of purchase when submitting your expenses to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).…

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Pre-business expenses: Tools and supplies

We’re back with part three of our four-week series on Pre-Business Expenses. If you missed our previous entries, you can check out part one on Training Certificates and Coaches and part two on Meal and Travel.

Today we will tackle pre-business expenses on tools and supplies. In the beginning stages of starting your own business, its important to know what supplies you will need to run your business. That way, you can accurately plan out your budget and you will have a clear idea of the amount of business supply expenses to write off come tax season.…

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Pre Business expenses
Pre Business expenses

Pre-business Expenses: Meetings and Travel

We’re back to bring you the second part in our four-part series on Pre-Business Expenses.  If you missed the first week, you will want to check out Training Certificates and Coaches.  This week, let’s take a closer look at receipts you have been accumulating from those meetings and events you are attending before you are incorporated or registered as a business.  Keep in mind, you can claim these expenses, but you also have to demonstrate it created results for revenue.

Most business are developed on the spot because a connection has been made between two parties to provide products or services. 

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Sorry to see you go, but hope to see you come back when you are ready to register you business.
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