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Am I ready to leave my job
Shifting from employee to business owner

You probably have sleepless nights thinking of nothing but this new venture you are about to take on.  The one thing that will most likely deter 80% of  new business owners is managing the transition from a steady income from a secure job, to a position where they will only get paid based on what they bring in on their own hard work.

So what advice can be given to help move from one level of income to another?

This depends on a couple of factors:  how fast you can shift, and the level of growth you can bring to the business.…

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Being a business owner

Are You Ready to be a Business Owner and not an Someone’s Employee?

It was the last Friday in April, sitting in a bullpen located on floor 4, when I realized I was destined to be more than simply being a paper-pushing accountant.

That moment where you look at the clock almost every hour, wishing you were somewhere else.  That is the moment that you either change jobs or move on to being something greater.

Making that decision to become a business owner comes with plenty of trials and errors.  There were no manuals and few people to guide you on the path of how to transition from being an employee to a business owner. …

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