Top 12 Best Summer Business Ideas for 2021

Top 12 Best Summer Business Ideas for 2021

Summer Business Ideas

Summers are the time of the year when long days are spent lazing around and relaxing. What if we tell you that you can make some extra bucks in the summers?

The good thing about summer business ideas is that you can gain hands-on experience without fretting about running a full-time business.

Some of the best summer ideas do not require a lot of investment or experience. Rather working on a summer project helps you close loose ends in your business venture in your plan to continue with it afterward.

Top 12 Best Summer Business Ideas 2021

The subject article will give a sneak peek into some summer businesses’ ideas. Some may be specific to the season, while others can be carried on as proper entrepreneurship.

1. Summer camp

Summer camp
Summer camp

Summer camp business plans are a great way to support parents who work and want their kids to be safe and active while they are gone. It allows the teachers to earn a bit extra while spending healthy and active time with kids.

As a summer camp involves teamwork, you would need to have some expertise in kids. Involving others from the community makes running a summer camp fun of being a kid-friendly business idea. Proper insurance, support team, and licenses for this business are prerequisites for starting a summer camp business so make sure you plan it before the schools are out.

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2. Ice Cream and Lemonade Stand

Ice cream and lemonade stand
Ice cream and lemonade stand

Summers call for outdoor games and ice creams, sodas, and lemonade. Entrepreneurial ideas for kids, ice cream, or lemonade stand are always a success for everyone. If you are an adult, you can always invest in an ice cream truck. However, what makes this the best summer business idea is that anyone can do it as long as they have the backup.

The ice cream and soda stands are great business ideas for high schoolers as they are looking to make some easy and fair bucks.  Suitable for local fairs, festivals, shows, or outside playgrounds, you can sell from ice cream to simple water, anything that provides relief from the summer heat.

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3. Food Trucks

Food trucks
Food trucks

Food trucks have started replacing restaurants primarily because the food they offer is economical and freshly made. One of the best summer money-making ideas, food trucks can be converted into a fully functional business if you get the hang of it.

For summers, you can rent a truck; fret not as the investment will be returned by the end of summers because food trucks bring in cash.

4. Car Washing Services

Car washing services
Car washing services

 Looking for summer businesses to start? Car washing service requires no investment or skill. All you need to have is a knack for making a four-wheeler spick-n-span. If you are working or studying, this can be your weekend business idea.

Providing car wash services at the doorstep can give you an edge over commercial car washes. As a small one-man business idea, you can start it right in your neighborhood. Offer car waxing and other detailing services and up your profit.

5. Pet and Home Sitting

Pet and home sitting
Pet and home sitting

Summers arrive with people packing their bags and going for great outdoors. Families going on vacation may have their pets, plants, etc., staying back at home. Offering services like taking care of their pets, watering their plants, caring for their lawns, cleaning the poo, etc., are outdoor small business ideas that pay off well.

While pet boarding is expensive and house maintenance services are taxing, offering your services as summer businesses to start can turn into a profitable business in the future.

6. Bread and Breakfast

Bread and breakfast
Bread and breakfast

 Summer is a vacation time for many. If you live in a rural area or a remote town, you can offer bread and breakfast services. You do not need to let your whole house; an annex or a room will suffice for most clients. This is a great summer idea that can earn you kitchen money regardless of any season.

7. Rental Services

Rental services
Rental services

Rental services of any kind can be one of the best summer business ideas. Summer holidays can bring a lot of business opportunities depending upon your locale.

For example, renting your boat for tourists is one of the staple beach town business ideas. You can rent your boat out or take tourists for boating trips, including kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, etc.

Similarly, one lake business idea is to rent out fishing gear and other equipment used in outdoor excursions. Travelers usually travel light, and providing them with the local amenities could turn out a lasting profession. Climbing gear, surfboards, boogie boards, hand planes, wetsuits, snorkel, and hiking gear; are examples of rental services.

Party supplies at fair rates are another of the best rental business ideas for summers. Be it a birthday party or an adult get-together, providing bouncy houses, audio equipment, smoke machines, tents, tables, chairs, crockery, party characters, there is no limit to what you can rent out.

ATVs, scooters, e-bikes, bicycles; whatever you can afford and whatever people need around you could be offered on rent.

8. Parking Lot Cleaning Services

Parking lot cleaning services
Parking lot cleaning services

A novel business idea is to provide parking lot cleaning services. Not dependent on summer seasons, this could be a year-round business if your contract lasts that long. It can be a one-person show or teamwork, depending upon the locale you are targeting.

Driveways of restaurants and outdoor event management companies often hire these services. If you build a reputation with them, you can have a consistent source of income that costs very low to start.

9. Outdoor Lighting

The summer season gets people out of their homes with more time spending in their backyards, pools, and patios. If you have an aesthetic sense for design, you can offer outdoor lighting services and make their outdoors more beautiful.

There are unique outdoor lighting solutions available, and they can help you make good revenue. With time you can add extras to your services as selecting outdoor plants and backyard bird seeders etc.

If you do not have electrical skills, you can always partner up with one and work as a team. Once you get the hang of the business, more and more outdoor business ideas will emerge. For example, event decor.

10. Tutoring

With schools closed, kids have ample time on their hands. Competition is soaring, and so is the parents’ anxiety over college admissions. If you are a teacher, this could be your summer business idea; tutor the children. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online tutoring has soared up. Alternatively, you could make notes that would help the college students prepare for their MCAT.

But school books are not the only items to be tutored. Summers are tagged with fun activities for children. Music lessons, dance classes, guitar or drum lessons, painting classes; tutor your skill to people belonging to different age groups.

11. Laundry services

There is nothing like an immaculate, properly ironed suit or shirt. Providing laundry and ironing services is something that can be started at home. Once your work progresses to include more clients, you can start a laundromat business of your own.

12. Printed T-Shirts

One of the fun business ideas that can never go wrong is printing t-shirts for summer. There are a zillion designs out there. Offering customized t-shirts can scale up the profits. If you have an investment, purchase your design software and printing press.

It does not cost much. You can also go for drop-shipping involving a third party to print-on-demand. It will save you the hassle of printing and delivery of the clothing while creating your brand.

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