Preparing to start up a new business is like preparing for battle.  It is ridiculous to go into battle unprepared, and equally ridiculous to start up a business without preparation.  

The good news is that there are multiple ways to prepare yourself for this new journey.  Even better news is that it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune.  It may not be necessary to get a Master’s in Business or spend months attending college.  

In preparation of starting up a business, may I suggest that you adopt the urgency of someone preparing for battle?  To prepare for starting up a business, read voraciously, take as much advice as possible, and then read some more. 

There are no manuals available to provide the perfect recipe for a successful business startup tailored to you.  Just advice on what others have done in similar situations and what they had experienced.  To get you starting on your journey, here are some recommend articles and useful resources.  

Resource Suggestion #1

There will never be a better time to launch a business in Canada than today.  Today there are more resources available for those preparing to launch a business than there have been in the past.  Check out these websites that offer information and share experience specific to starting a business in Canada. 

Canada One

ATB Business Center

Canada Business

Once you’ve read these sites, continue searching for more.  Take all the information you find with a grain of salt.  You can never be too prepared.  These sites are a good place to start your reading.

Resource Suggestion #2

Some people paid too much money for a business degree, but you don’t have to.  Many business teachers share their lessons for a much lower price on websites like lynda.com and udemy.  Take some courses and learn some new skills.  They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but they also say that it’s never too late to try something new.  



When operating your new business, you cannot do everything and I don’t suggest you try.  You could try, and you might save a few pennies, but it’s not a good long term strategy.  Perform the tasks you enjoy and that you are good at.   There will be some tasks that you might be able to do, but if they are not enjoyable, don’t do them.  Delegate those tasks.  Learn what tasks you should take on, and what to delegate.  Enjoy your business experience and delegate the rest.


Resource Suggestion #3

Your preparation for a business startup will largely include reading.  Yes I know, most don’t like doing that part but there are some interesting things can be learned from reading.  Pop-up Business School from the UK has interesting concepts.  They offer free courses for those who might want to start their business with no money.  In fact, it is recommended to start a business with no money.  It may work for you.  Check it out.  

Pop up Business School

For additional reading, these books changed my outlook on business.  The treasures of business are shared through text.  These books are a must-read for those starting in business.  

Gary Vaynerchuk – “Crush It!”, “Crushing It!

If you cannot tell, free is my favorite price.  This free resource, is not Canadian, but it may be helpful to you. 

Kymone Hinds – How to Bring your Ideas to life (Free download here.) 

All of these resources will begin to prepare you for business.  All of this information for such a low price.  This low price makes your increase in business knowledge sustainable.  Never stop preparing. 

Bonus Suggestion 

If you do not fancy all of this reading you may prefer a business coach.  I only have one recommendation for a business coach and if he doesn’t appear to offer what you need, keep searching.  This is an introduction to the concept that there are people that have seen success and want to guide others.  These individuals are coaches and can be very useful. 

Bruce Baker is a speaker, CEO of WorkPlaces, and an author who is now a business coach that has trained people as young as 19 to become six-figure earners.  I invite you to check him out.  

Bruce Baker (WORKPACES) – Linkedin

 Visit WorkPlaces 

Whether you want to read, or find a coach, or do both.  I suggest you do both.  Get someone with experience to guide you.  There is some experience that books have not yet captured.  Being prepared to launch your business is imperative.  Get prepared with the urgency of one going to battle.  The good news is that fewer people die from business than from battle.  Good luck with your preparation.  

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