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Start Your Business With CorePro8

Your One Stop Shop for Setting Up Your Business

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For one low price CorePro8 will help you through every step to start a business

We Make it Easy to Start a Business. Here’s What You Get When Your Register for CorePro8:

  • Step by step instructions on how to register and/or incorporate your business
  • Best practices for selecting a business name and number
  • Advice on how to pay yourself, set up your bookkeeping, tax accounts and other important elements that every business owner needs to know.
  • Organization techniques to help you manage your day-to-day accounts
  • Introduction to new technology and applications to help run things smoothly
  • Discounted fees on making everything official
  • Free access to even more information about what to do once you’ve set up your business and you’re ready to go.

How It Works

CorePro8 Gives You All the Information You Need to Know Before You Start a Business.

No more searching around the internet for the answers you need to start a business. CorePro8 walks you through the startup, registration and incorporation process step-by-step with easy to understand modules that include Q&As to guide you.

CorePro8 is perfect for anyone who wants to start a business including: contractors, chiropractors, hairdressers, trade apprentices, aestheticians and massage therapists. It’s also great for sole proprietors considering incorporation and need affordable assistance with the next steps. 

You’ll learn:

  • Types of businesses (Incorporations, Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships),and which is best for you
  • What supplies you will need to get started
  • How staffing, payroll, and paying yourself works
  • Everything you need to know about sales taxes and how to organize your business so that you’ll be ready for tax time.
  • Details about what you can’t and can write off

Then CorePro8 Gets You Started.

That’s right.  As part of what we do, we will get all of the legal start-up stuff out of the way for you.  You won’t need to consult with an accountant, or go through a lawyer to get things going. 

Get Started Today.

And CorePro8 Will Help You Keep Going.

Now that we’ve made your dream a reality, we are always here to answer questions, and give you advice. You can keep up-to-date on tips and business best practices with our blog, or you can ask us anything anytime. We are here to do everything we can to help you succeed.

Everything You Need to Start a Business for Only $149*!

Saving You Time and Money when Incorporating or Registering a Small Business

Getting small business advice can be pricey, but with CorePro8 it doesn’t have to be!

  • Consult with Accountant: $750
  • Incorporation with a Lawyer: $1,250
  • Total: $2,000

Sign up for our free money-saving guide and maximize your tax write-offs!

Still not convinced CorePro8 is the right choice for you?

Benefits of CorePro8


  • CorePro8 provides guidance from professional accountants, lawyers and other experts
  • Invaluable tools that cover business structures, sales taxes, payroll and other techniques that will save you money in the long run


  • CorePro8 can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • No scheduling meetings around someone else’s time.

Peace of mind

  • CorePro8 covers all the major areas that you should be registered for federally and provincially
  • That includes sales tax, filing taxes, payroll, and how to pay yourself.

Let corepro8 help get your business started today!

What our Clients have to say about CorePro8

  • Old ways are dying out for businesses. CorePro8 gives the advisory service you need to stay current with the times.

    Dustbuster Janitorial Services
  • I googled for most of the information on starting a business but realized that you get more quality information here and covered a lot things you didn’t even know.

    Goin for Bowin.
  • Can you imagine the value of the service that CorePro8 contains for me. Now I can talk with confidence with my accountant.

    Milka Installations Ltd.

Let's get your business started up today. Don't miss those critical steps.


“This fee does not include additional 3rd party fees to register or incorporate. For details on total costs please visit our Pricing page here

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