20+ Profitable Home Based Business Ideas in Canada 2021

Home Based Business Ideas

Looking to increase your monthly income with a second job can be quite strenuous but even more so exhausting. To make it easier, why not consider this. Did you know that over 65% of Canadians have been making additional income through earnings of home-based business opportunities? Small business owners are taking advantage of online systems and new technology for the sake of earning money and run their financial system smoothly. You can receive cash or other by various methods.

If you are not able to give up your day job to increase your monthly income, then maybe the idea of starting a home-based business is what you might want to do. You can earn additional income without no startup cost or any additional learning. It is well known that knowledge is the key to success and what you know is what we can work with.

Canadian Home Based Business Ideas

So what are the benefits of a Canadian home-based business? A large number of people have recommended this type of work because it is entirely authentic and low risk. Most popular are online home-based businesses because you don’t have to leave your home. You can just sit at a single place and comfortably enjoy your life along with doing work that is beneficial to you.

So now what to do? You have been thinking about starting a profitable home-based business, but you don’t know what opportunities there are. My friend, you have come to the right place at the right time.

There is no need to worry anymore because we are presenting you with the most profitable startup business in Canada that that would benefit you. Ok so maybe not 100% most profitable but presenting you with some pretty good ideas for starting up a business. We present to you a list of the top 20 home-based business ideas which you can choose from based on your interest and preferences.

20+ Profitable Home Based Business Ideas in 2021

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing

There is a significant demand for freelance writing jobs that requires efficiency knowledge and creativity. It is a very authentic work that is easy to perform. English writing tends to be the top demanded skillset in any freelancing writing gigs and given this could be your native language it would come easy income for the best home-based business.

A large number of blog posts are now getting published on Google as website content. People are working from home and earning a significant amount. Content writers earn between $30 to $300 from the articles they write.

Therefore, you can invest your time here without any problem or tension as many people are doing paid tasks and selling their articles at different prices. Just make sure you register your Freelance Business so it looks professional

2. Sell Online Products

Sell online products

If you are already among the one who has an interest and working in the criteria of selling products (Cosmetics, Tools, LED lights) then this can be ideal and is also known as a Dropshipping.

All you need to do is to buy a product from a site and sell it for a considerable price according to the market demand in your area. There is also the ability to earn points from the vendors that will be given to you in the form of cash after promoting a product from the selling site. How do you think people on Amazon or other third party hubs do this? They purchase products from out of the country and resell them to online stores.

3. Photographer


Do you find yourself enjoys picture-perfect moments with your camera? Maybe this could be your professional home-based business as a photographer. This would be a natural fit for those who already have invested in the equipment of cameras and all the gadgets that go with it. The available technology you can promote yourself to potential customers through local social media pages or even join groups.

My recommendation though is to check out the Essential photography equipment list for beginners through PhotoWorkout. As well, it is recommended you have prior experience with photo editing. If not, there are the online classes you can find to help strengthen this area.

4. Gift Basket Arranger

Start as a gift basket arranger

There is many occasion for making DIY Products or gift baskets arrangements. This one has a bit of an upfront cost based on what products the client would like to make or what type of baskets you are creating as a home-based business.

You can take orders from people through online forms or even arrange it through requests on your website page. There are so many occasions you can create for like valentine’s day, Christmas gift, or end of school year gifts for teachers. We have found that Pinterest has been a great place to show off your talent and promote your business.

5. Renting a space in your home

You are renting on your own space

If you are a current homeowner (not renting a property) you might be able to earn additional income by renting out parts of your home you are not utilizing.  This is very common for garage space, mother-in-law suits, or walkout basement suites.  Check your local listings to see what the going rate is. Have a contract in place and make sure you keep track of all revenues and all house utility & repair expenses to give to your accountant at year-end.

6. Become a Tutor

Become a tutor

We all know that knowledge is the key to success. If you are someone who really likes to work with people and have the ability to be a good teacher, maybe becoming a tutor is right for you. There are several ways you can provide your services as a tutor. View local libraries or schools looking for tutors in your area of interest for teaching. There are “teach English” online schools and perhaps even check out place like Fiverr to display your talent to others across the world.

I can’t guarantee what the annual income is for this area but I know that there are some virtual schools willing to sign contracts for you to be there as a tutor or mentor for students.

7. Web Designer

Web designer

How is your computer skills and nack at creativity? Did you know that there are a lot of people who are not computer literate and creative enough to produce a beautiful website for their business. This can turn into a full time gig if you are very good at using website designer programs like WordPress or even Wix. You can start this new business at your home and grow it very fast by helping others make new websites or updating the existing ones.

Startup costs are very minimal is you own your own computer. It just requires your time to advertise on social media platforms or even join groups in your local community. Godaddy has a great article on how to become a web designer in 2020.

8. Daycare

Home Daycare business

If you are in a position to be taking care of your own children at home perhaps you might want to consider opening your doors as a Daycare Provider. Each province and territory in Canada has their own stipulation on how many kids you can have based on age. However, the income from providing full-time care or after school care can be a great income to increase the balance in the bank account. It is a perfect fit since you know how to tackle the kids with all that love, care, and affection.

The steps on how to start a daycare business have become much easier for you to find. No business model is needed or even a business plan. Pretty straight forward and easy to startup.

9. Facebook Page Designer/Optimizer

Facebook page designer

Today the world is developed in social media. You can easily approach everyone from a single click. You can run a Facebook page with the expertise of new design work, and this will lead you to more and more opportunities for graphic designing and industrial growth.

This profitable system is also called as the right online business to start in Canada. Therefore, you just need to spend quality time on something useful to have millions of opportunities ahead.

10. Music Teacher’

Music Teacher

Do you have a love for music? Able to guide others on learning new instruments or even sing? This might be your next calling as a music teacher as a part-time home-based business.  To start, focus primarily on areas where you have already have the music equipment and knowledge. You can find students by advertising online or contract to a local music studio. Just make sure if you are working at a studio, you are hired as a contractor. You can do this job from home, studio space, or visit your students at their home.

11. Party Planner

Party planner

Celebrations are events are always on the go. Do you find yourself always “planning” parties or the local events with your extra time? Why not start getting paid to do the job as a part-time contractor. If you are someone with a creative mind, then becoming a party planner only seems like a natural fit. The risks are low and startup costs are minimal (advertising). To find out the right price to charge, call around to your competitors to see what they are charging. Make sure that you have a contract in place for each new project you have taken on with full details of what is expected.

12. House Cleaning

House cleaning

There are people who like it and there are people who just love it and can easily become a house cleaning provider with very little to invest. The modern home has become a gateway needed for helpers. Homeowners working full-time with busy schedules and have always needed those extra hand to help in their space at home. You can establish yourself in this field of work by offering your service by placing an advertisement online in places like Greg’s list, Kiji, or local social media pages.

13. YouTube Personality

YouTube personality

YouTube is the most running app in the field of technology and the latest advancement of social media. You can earn $$ as well as fame by making various videos depending upon your interest and abilities.

You can create a channel that may be related to the technical field, drawing, painting, teaching, roasting, different online courses, or many other things that are trending. Therefore, you can choose this for enhancing a progressive business.

14. Jewelry Maker

Jewellery Maker

The Person who has a piece of perfect knowledge for the making of jewelry items can choose this field without any hesitation. It might include diamond, gold or silver rings, including different jewellery items that are the center of attraction for every woman. Ok, so what happens when you don’t have these precious gems?

This is the next most popular industry in designing jewelry with the material of all kinds. Just check out Pinterest or Etsy for some great ideas. These are just as profitable and the creativity is boundless.

15. Hairstylist


There is a lady next door who is a welder by trade, but on the weekend she cuts boys’ hair because she just loves hair styling. Perhaps this may not describe you but as you see your day job does not reflect your side job passions. If you enjoy hairstyling but have not established the talent, there are night and weekend schools you can take for training. Perhaps you have these skills naturally and can take them to the next level as take this hair styling business off the ground. Part-time income can earn you an additional $20,000 a year.

16. Interior Designer

Interior designer

Colours and patterns. What is trending and what isn’t. An Interior designer business might be the right fit for you. This is a very lucrative business because homeowners have always sought out the professional services of someone to help them choose the right colours for their homes. Especially when they are ready to sell.

Now your knowledge of trending colours and textures has now created high in-demand service.

17. Home Staging Business

Home staging business

There is a difference between interior designers and a home staging business. When a relator is ready to list a home on the market for sale, they usually hire a home stager. The home staging is used for real estate listing pictures and viewings of potential buyers. It has proven that home has always sold faster when it is staged because it helps show the beautiful side of the home vs one that is not well laid out and cluttered. Base on recent sales in western Canada, it costs $1,500 for someone to come in and stag your home. This doesn’t include the cost of furniture or additional items they use in your home during staging.

18. Social Media Consultant

Social media consultant

It has become quite the thing in 2021 to find a consultant online in the areas of expertise such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram…the list goes on.  If you are someone who has become very good at working in one of these social media platforms, perhaps you should open your schedule to take on some extra income in helping those seeking to get guidance or even work done. Social Media Consultants can make up to $125 an hour.

19. Pet Sitter

Pet sitter

Are you quite comfortable handling all kinds of animals and enjoy the outdoors? This side-job might be for you as a Pet Sitter. Pet sitter is always needed for those who require someone to take care of their fur babies when they are away on vacation, during work hours, or at times when they just need the extra help.  This can bring in an extra income of $15 an hour.

There is also the option to get into pet grooming,  training, or even pet events.

20. Drone Trainer

Drone trainer

Drones are becoming a very popular service in the market place. Do you own a drone and have excellent skills in flying it with the ability to do multiple tasks like video or pictures? Perhaps you can take your talent to the next level as a Drone Trainer or even offer your services to the public as a Drone technician. Services can be provided to customers such as: farmers who would use this to help view their crops during certain times of years (crop growth), the forestry industry would require it on surveying landscaping or even owners in the mining industry.

There are endless opportunities available to you as a home-based business. You will find that these will start out small and eventually become pretty profitable within a few years. We have a few other articles that could help you provide guidance on how to shift from being an employee to a business owner when that happens. Just don’t forget to register your business professionally.

21. Translation Services

There is always a demand for multilingual people. If you know two or more languages then use that skill in translation service. You can provide your service on websites like Upwork and can slowly build your portfolio. 

According to the research from IBISWorld, “the translation service industry saw a decline in 2020 just like other businesses. But it rebound successfully in 2021”. This was expected as the internet provided a wide range of entrepreneurs from different countries around the world. 

There are many services that a multilingual can offer such as, document translation and translation of websites information into languages for use in other markets. 

22. Podcast

Hear this out, podcasts in 2021 are popping off. There are a lot of podcasts that are gaining attention these days. Just like music, podcasts vary in different genres such as Comedy, Technology you name it. All you have to do is have a solid topic to talk about. 

It can be anything controversial and non-controversial. There is a lot of stuff to talk about on the internet and if you have valid points and a useful topic people will listen to you. You are free to talk about your point of view. So now the question is, how to get started?

  • The first step is to plan for your podcast episodes and get the equipment and software you need
  • After that, you need to sign up for podcast hosting. A podcast hosting is a service that stores your audio files and spread them to major podcast networks such as Spotify and iTunes. 
  • Now you need podcasts equipment which is, A Camera, Mic, Lighting, A podcast room, etc. 

Podcasts generally started gaining attention in 2006. At that time only 22% of adults in the U.S were listening to podcasts. And today 75% tune in. You can make some big money as well. 

Huge names like Joe Rogan come to mind when talking about podcasts. He made $100 million just to move his podcast exclusively on Spotify.

23. Ghostwriter

There are some pros and cons of ghostwriting, but there sure is a lot of money in this niche. You may not get the credit of writing for someone else. Jeff Haden can be an example, he became a millionaire by just writing for successful people. 

You can start ghostwriting on different websites in which people are offering gigs. A newbie can earn from $15 to $30 per hour depending on the quality of their work. If you gain some experience, make a portfolio that increases your clients further. 

24. Tailoring

Fashion and Style play a big role in every human’s life. If you have an interest or you have some experience in tailoring this business, this can be a great opportunity for you. This business is budget-friendly. With a low amount of money and great skill, you can make a good career out of it. 

According to Entrepreneur.com tailoring and alteration business requires only $2000. But you can start smaller as well. If you get expert enough to design designer clothes, you’re going to earn some good money. 

You can take online classes to gain some more expertise and can polish your alteration skills. 

25. Dropshipping

If you want to run an online store with a low startup cost, consider starting dropshipping. It is a great online home-based business that is growing at a fast pace. Dropshipping is a kind of e-commerce business where you don’t have to store or purchase the products they sell. 

Instead, the seller partner with a dropshipping supplier who manages the inventory and ships the product directly to the customer on the seller’s behalf. Here is the dropshipping model:


dropshipping model
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