It was the last Friday in April, sitting in a bullpen located on floor 4, I was destined to be more than simply being a paper-pushing accountant.

That moment where you look at the clock almost every hour and wishing you were somewhere else. That is the moment that you either change jobs or move on to being something greater.

Making that decision to become a business owner comes with lots of trials and errors. There were no manuals and few people to guide you on the path of how to move over from being an employee to a business owner. That is until now. Isn’t that why you are here? To find out those key points of how you can leave the  « job » to make more money, be more creative and be more available to do the things that I love the most?

Keep reading to see if you are ready to make that change.

Consideration #1

The industry you want to enter into as a new business, what makes you different from the others?

A friend of mine wanted to leave her $95K career to open a dance studio. What she needed to consider is, where is the location going to be and what would make her different from the competitors around her. Everyone has a different answer for this but what you are aiming for is how to be noticed.

Consideration #2

Startup cost, do you have this?

Sometimes you will require to purchase large equipment or supplies. A line of credit should be done before leaving any job. Lines of credits are very hard to secure if you are in your first year of operations and have no income besides the new venture you took on.

Consideration #3

How good are you at networking to help with your business growth?

It is all about making connections with people. Online, on the go, in the stores, heck anywhere you go.  You can’t grow a business without being able to talk about it openly.

There you go. A secret beginners list for now. However, before you decide to leave that job, you might want to ask me « should I still work and start-up my business at the same time? »- That will be in my next blog. Stay tuned.

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