Pricing & Offers New - CorePro8

Pricing & Offers New

What you need to know as a business owner that CorePro8 provides:

It’s only $149*!

Here Are Some of the Ways CorePro8 Will Help You Start Your Business:
CorePro8 will:
  • Help you decide whether to incorporate or become a sole proprietor.
  • Take you through the process of registering or incorporating.
  • Show you how your business earnings get taxed.
  • Teach you about business sales tax and how it applies to your daily operations.
  • Share what you need to know about payroll and how to pay yourself as an owner.
  • Provide you with additional fine-tuning details, including how to organize your files, bookkeeping, and when to file your taxes.
  • Registering your new business.
  • Continued support for you and your business.
  • Give you a printable document that will provide your bookkeeper or accountant with everything they need to prepare and file your taxes for you.

Saving You Time and Money when incorporating or registering a small business

  • Consult with Accountant: $750
  • Consult with a lawyer$1,250
  • Total: $2,000

Start making your dreams a reality!

* The total cost to incorporate or register varies from province to province. When you register with CorePro8 you can expect the total cost to be between $300 to $1000 depending on where you live and your overall business needs. Click here to see a cost breakdown by province (pricing includes the CorePro8 registration fee).