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Should I register my mlm business?

If you are reading this, then your Multilevel Marketing (MLM) business is at a stage where it is flourishing right now! As you’re noticing this growth, you’re probably wondering, “Should I register my MLM?” The answer is YES if you own a company.

Registering your MLM has some great benefits, and it is a hassle-free process if you have done your homework right. Read on to learn more about these benefits and how you can prepare to register your MLM.

You do not know about MLM and if you have landed on this blog, give it a read.…

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Registering Your Side Job as a Business 1

The novel Coronavirus has resulted in new layoffs every day. Many people are using their skills and talents to do cash jobs for friends and family. If you’ve been laid off due to COVID-19, or you’re on temporary leave from your fulltime job, and you are getting paid for a side job, we’re here to help you and to tell you to be careful!

There are some risks associated with completing side jobs for cash.  Many people have no idea that they could (and should) register as a business. Here are some things to consider when if you earn income from a cash job. 

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The Difference Between an Employee and a Contractor

When does a business owner know if they should hire an employee or a contractor?

There are so many decisions entrepreneurs must make on a daily basis. As a business starts to grow, one of the biggest decisions is whether to hire employees or contractors to help. The answer is not always a straightforward. However, if you understand the difference between the two and how Canada Revenue defines employees and contractors you will be able to make a good choice. 

On this week’s blog, we are here to help!  Let’s go through the rules of what determines the difference between an employee and a contractor so that you can make an informed choice and stay out of trouble with Canada Revenue. 

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Start a business in 2020

Is Starting a Business in 2020 on Your Mind?

The food was delicious and the quality time with friends and family was fantastic during the holiday season. But something has been weighing heavily on your mind. Is it time to make starting a business in 2020 your New Year’s resolution?

Starting a business can give you a fresh start with extra cash flow and more time to spend with your family and doing what you love.

But how do you start building your business and then transition it into a sole proprietorship or incorporation?…

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6 Ways to start a business with no cash

You’re Ready to Turn Your Idea in a Business

After a lot of research and development, or maybe a moment of clarity or divine inspiration, you finally have your great, money-making idea that you are ready to turn into your own business.  There’s just one problem: you have no capital, or, funds to get everything going. And as they say, it costs money to make money, right? So what can you do? Sell your family heirlooms and head to Vegas?  Put your faith in the lottery? Learn as much as you can about horse-racing?…

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Pre-Business expenses: Registration and incorporation fees

We’re back with the final entry in our four-week series on pre-business startup expenses. If you missed the first three blogs, make sure you check them out to learn about pre-business expenses on Meals and Travel and Tools and Supplies.

In this blog we’ll address how to prepare for registration and incorporation fees when you are starting a business in Canada. 

You’re probably thinking “the great thing about owning a business is all those write-offs”, right? Not so fast!  Its important to remember that there are limits to what can be deducted, and you must always have the correct proof of purchase when submitting your expenses to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).…

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