Why you should register your freelance business

If you’ve landed on this blog you’re most likely working as a digital freelancer or doing gig work, and you’re aware that the demand for your work has skyrocketed in 2020. You’re probably wondering whether you should register your freelance business in Canada. So, we came up with a list of reasons that will assure you that registering your freelance gig work as a formal business entity is the right decision. We’ve also got a list of key steps to help prepare you for registering your business online!

Maybe you’ve been hired to do project-based freelance jobs by word of mouth or referrals, but many successful digital freelancers have found full time work by using some of these common freelance job websites:gig economy

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Bark
  4. TaskRabbit
  5. DesignBro

Do you need to register your freelance business?

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Multi Level Marketing

It’s no secret that Canadians are moving toward modern career models of owning a business and moving away from the more traditional career paths of the past. It has become very easy for aspiring business owners to start a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business that gives them more flexibility to create a lifestyle that they love, and a way for them to build relationships within their community. 

If you are wondering how to start a business with Multi Level Marketing, or you want to learn more about this business, you are in luck!

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Registering Your Side Job as a Business 1

The novel Coronavirus has resulted in new layoffs every day. Many people are using their skills and talents to do cash jobs for friends and family. If you’ve been laid off due to COVID-19, or you’re on temporary leave from your fulltime job, and you are getting paid for a side job, we’re here to help you and to tell you to be careful!

There are some risks associated with completing side jobs for cash.  Many people have no idea that they could (and should) register as a business. Here are some things to consider when if you earn income from a cash job. 

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The best ways for aspiring entrepreneurs to develop business skills online

We are aware of how deeply people are being affected by COVID-19, so we thought we would share some ways to help you still be productive with tips on where you can develop business skills online. Hopefully this article will help you strengthen your overall business planning skills, and offer some encouragement during a difficult time in the world.

A Small Change with Big Impact

What if it were possible, at this exact moment, to make a small move that could make a big difference in your life?

We’re talking about the kind of change that makes you want to wake up in the morning and sing on your way to work! 

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What to Do with your idea

The best business ideas usually come over some type of beverage gathering, an epiphany during a struggle of your own that could make other people’s lives easier, or an opening of an opportunity presented in broad daylight. So now that you’ve had this million-dollar idea, what comes next?  Here are a few things to consider to see if this idea is worth putting your time and energy into.

5 Things to Do To Make Sure Your Million Dollar Business Idea is a Good One.

million-dollar business idea

1. Know Your Up Front Costs

Do you have enough money to get off the ground and into the market?

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Employee vs. Contractor - What's best for your business?


Employee vs. Contractor – How should a business owner decide what is right for their business?

What better way to confirm that your business is growing than starting to research best practices for hiring! When you begin to explore these exciting next steps, deciding whether to bring on staff as an employee or contractor becomes very important.  

If you are reading this blog one of two assumptions can be made:

1. Your company is experiencing large, long-term growth or,

2 You need to fulfill a short-term job project with large-scaled help.

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