best business podcasts

Keeping up with the fast-paced digital world, some of the best business podcasts prove a life-saver when it comes to the field of learning and growth. Podcasts, the present day of old-fashioned radio programs, comprise of digital audio in an episodic series of spoken words. The era of podcasts represents a liberation that lets you freely produce or access unlimited themes anywhere in the world. Be it entertainment or knowledge or business.

Podcasts are a convenient solution that enables you to follow any audio blog. Instead of searching for a specific topic and then downloading it, the podcast files come directly to by live stream after subscribing.…

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how to Balance stress with yoga

I would like introduce you to Shanel Scott, a yoga teacher at De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton Ontario.

Shanel was once like many of you who spent long days working and over reaching your energy levels. Just like you Chanel also found a way to release all those over whelming stress factors into positive energy levels. Here is Shanel Scott’s approach to creating positive energy levels as a way to balance your

How to Balance Stress with Yoga

My own desire to create work-life balance brought me to where I am today.

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How to reduce stress when working from home

Within a month of COVID-19 taking a hold within North American borders, Forbes published Three Warning Signs That Your Remote Employees Are Starting To Crack Under The Stress Of Working From HomeNow, the question remains as to whether or not this article was a reflection upon what was occurring to date, or a heads up for the wave of the increased workers who quickly were forced to create home offices. 

Well, the writer of this article, her friends and her clients, all from various professions, almost immediately discovered the following stressors: Grocery delivery orders arriving too early, and in the middle of appointments.

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importance of online presence

Operating a business venture in the current millennium is a whole different story than the earlier times. Many factors support the subject statement. Among them, the presence of the ever-competitive field of digital marketing is pivotal. Trying to run a business idea without an online presence parallels a suicide on the digital interface.

The importance of online presence for a business is a patent fact endorsed by the traditional as well as contemporary entrepreneurs. The benefits of being an online company are secured regardless of the scale of your business. Be it a single product or mega merchandise, the importance of online presence cannot be overlooked.…

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Purchasing a business vehicle

If you’ve landed on this blog you’re probably thinking about making a big business purchase. Yes, it’s time to buy a car for your business so you can more easily balance the duties of work and home life.

Either way, buying a business car is a big step. You will need guidance on best practices for buying a business car in Canada (or any vehicle, for that matter!) Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these tips. 

Buying a Car for Your Business

Business car purchase

1. When to buy the car under your business name

If the vehicle that you’re planning to purchase is going to be used for business purposes only it is best to make the purchase under your business name.

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Am I too old to start a business

Its a common belief that the majority of successful entrepreneurs start their empires at a young age. We’re so used to seeing Canadian entrepreneurs like Shannon Rogers (Global Relay), Tonia Jahshan (Steeped Tea), and Michael Foran (Aclarus) all launching successful careers in their early 20’s. The assumption of the young, successful entrepreneur is misleading and can be intimidating for someone who is wanting to switch careers and start their own business.

Our guess is that you’ve landed on this blog because you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who is longing to be your own boss but you’re wondering “Am I too old to start a business?”

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