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To those who prepare for business we salute you and offer tips

To Those Preparing for Business in Canada, We Salute you… and Offer Tips!

To Those Preparing for Business We Salute you, and Offer Tips Preparing to start up a new business is like preparing for battle.  It is ridiculous to go into battle unprepared, and equally ridiculous to start up a business without preparation.   The good news is that there are multiple ways to prepare yourself for this […]

Owner Employee balance

The Balance – Shifting from employee to business owner

The Secret of Balancing the Shift to a business owner from an employee You’re probably having sleepless nights thinking of nothing but this new venture you are about to take on.  The one thing that will most likely deter 80% of  new business owners is managing the transition from a steady income from a secure […]

Being a business owner

Are you Ready to Become a Business Owner?

Are You Ready to be a Business Owner and not an Someone’s Employee? It was the last Friday in April, sitting in a bullpen located on floor 4, when I realized I was destined to be more than simply being a paper-pushing accountant. That moment where you look at the clock almost every hour, wishing […]