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Social Media Advertising Where do we begin

Social Media Advertising- Where do I begin

Social Media Advertising: Where do you begin? Congratulations!   You’re exploring the options on getting your product noticed by the people out there!  You know out there…on social media.  The place where people spend most of their time searching for things on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, the list goes on.  You have even noticed the advertising on […]

Week4 Prebusiness expenses 1

Pre-Business Expenses: Incorporating/Registering Fees

Pre-Business Expenses: Incorporation and Registration Fees We’re back with the final entry in our month-long series on pre-business startup expenses.  If you missed the previous entries, you can catch up by checking them out with these links:  Pre-business: Tools & Supples ; Pre-Business: Meals and Travel. Today, we address the fees spent on incorporating or […]

tools and supplies

Pre-Business Tools & Supplies: Startup Expenses

Pre-Business Startup Expenses: Tools and Supplies We’re back with our third part in our four-week series on Pre-Business Expenses.  Just in case you missed the previous entries, you can catch up on Training Certificates and Coaches, and,  Pre-Business Meal and Travel.  Today, we tackle the important issue of having all of the tools and supplies […]

Pre Business expenses

Pre-Business Costs: Meal and Travel Expenses

Pre-business Expenses: Meetings and Travel We’re back to bring you the second part in our four-part series on Pre-Business Expenses.  If you missed the first week, you will want to check out Training Certificates and Coaches.  This week, let’s take a closer look at receipts you have been accumulating from those meetings and events you […]