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About CorePro8

 For 13 years Book-it Bookkeeping Inc has been focused on servicing and assisting small businesses with bookkeeping and tax accounting.      We have worked with every type of professional industry along the way.   As each client became “part of the family”, it became clear that so many were missing critical components when initially starting up a business, regardless of industry and age of the business.

 It was in early 2018 when the idea was created for Corepro8 and was launched in February 2019.   Completely designed for the new entrepreneurs to get through those critical moments when starting up a business. 

Many new entrepreneurs have great business ideas and we want them to succeed. Provides the ability to incorporate/register a business online,  tools and resources on sales tax, payroll, and bookkeeping. Most importantly, information on methods for being compliant with the Canada Revenue Agency without any backlash. That is where CorePro8 comes in. Designed with new entrepreneurs in mind.