Questions? We are here to help!

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No more trying to figure it all out on your own. CorePro8 helps with:

  • Incorporate/register a business online
  • Determine if you need payroll or sales with assistance to apply
  • Bookkeeping and organizing techniques for your business
  • Exposure to new technology apps to leverage your business.
  • Discounted Incorporation Fees

How It Works

Have a business idea, ready to get started, but now what?

CorePro8 is here to help, answering all of your questions, provide insights, and save you money along the way.

Questions? We are here to help!

Saving You Time and Money

  • Consult with Accountant: $750
  • Consult with a lawyer$1,250
  • Total: $2,000

Saving You Time and Money

  • Consult with Accountant: $750
  • Incorporation with a Lawyer: $1,250
  • Total: $2,000

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What our Clients have to say about CorePro8

  • Old ways are dying out for businesses. CorePro8 gives the advisory service you need to stay current with the times.

    Dustbuster Janitorial Services
  • I googled for most of the information on starting a business but realized that you get more quality information here and covered a lot things you didn’t even know.

    Goin for Bowin.
  • Can you imagine the value of the service that CorePro8 contains for me. Now I can talk with confidence with my accountant.

    Milka Installations Ltd.

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Benefits of CorePro8

Look  like a Pro

Talk to your Accountant with confidence

Understand the internal works of your business

Save time and money

Look like a Pro

  • CorePro8 provides guidance from professional accountants, lawyers and other experts
  • Gives you invaluable tools that cover business structures, Sales taxes, payroll and other techniques that will save your pocket book later

On your time, Anywhere

  • On the go and no time to spare?
  • CorePro8 can be accessed wherever you go.
  • No waiting on someone else's time, lets just do it now!

Peace of mind

  • CorePro8 will cover all the major areas that you should be registered for federally and provincially
  • That includes sales tax, payroll, how to pay yourself and file the taxes.

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*This fee includes CorePro8 consulting fees, does not include additional 3rd party fees to incorporate”